The Canine Center offers a 4-week exclusive boarding school program for your pet. During your dog's stay, he will learn
basic manners and obedience, helping to eliminate any unwanted behavior problems. Why 4 weeks? Most rehab programs
are a minimum of 28 to 35 days....reestablishing new behavior has proven to take this amount of time to be truly effective.
This is an average estimate and each case, of course, can vary.

Training can be a continuous 30 days
(recommended) or you may break up his stay, leaving him 2 weeks at the center, take him
home for one week and returning him for 2 weeks to finish his education.
You are welcome to visit and play with your dog too!
Your dog's training is customized for your needs and desires. Let us know what you would like your pet to learn and we will
add those behaviors to his education.
Reservations are limited.
At the completion of the 4-week program we encourage you to test for an AKC Canine Good Citizen Certificate. We will
explain this during your interview. Visit our
CGC page for more info.
Four weeks of VIP boarding. Lots of play too!
Professional training - Several sessions per day.
Field trips to public places!
In home sessions with our trainers can be arranged
Step by step lesson plans are available.
You can visit with your pet at any time
(regular business hours) play with him and take him for the afternoon if desired.
Your pet will be brushed and bathed as needed
We are available to help with your first "walk in the neighborhood" or introduction back into the home environment
Sorry, you're stuck with us until you're successful!
2 private sessions and a 6 week group training class are included (different arrangments can be made if you life far away)
During his stay, your dog will enjoy all the benefits of VIP lodging.
Fee: $1250.00

Positive, non-aggressive training methods are always used. Our training is based on scientific principles of learning and
behavior modification. Your dog will be personally cared for and trained by Norma and her competent staff. Please see the
"About Your Trainer" section to review your trainer's experience and qualifications. Call 407-506-3818 (text) or email: for an entrance interview.

We are constantly with the dogs so we do arrange phone appointments to speak to a staff member. An appointment can be
made by texting ( 407-506-3818) or emailing : Appointments are available 9:00 AM to  12:00 noon
Monday, Tuesday, Friday. Saturday appointments from 2:00 to 4:00 pm. No appointments available on Sunday (family day)
Boarding School
Here at The Canine Center, Inc we offer the very best care and
professional pet training offered any where in the country. Our
techniques are kind, modern and effective for you, your family and your
pet. We involve you in the process every step of the way.

We are proud members of the American Pet Dog Trainers Association
(APDT) and would suggest reviewing their web site before choosing a
trainer for your family pet. Their guidelines should be the ethical
standard for any dog trainer presenting themselves as a professional.
We have been serving the Central Florida area as a full time business
since 1989.

The Canine Center's owner, Norma Ross is extremely proud of the
reputation she has built for the company and personally guarantee's
your satisfaction with the results of your pet's education. Her lifelong
experience training, showing and caring for dogs is your guarantee for
exceptional results. Norma's background in behavioral psychology is
your assurance only the most effective and capable techniques will be
used while reestablishing new behavior for your pet. We know he is
your best friend....we have a few of our own.

We require an entrance interview to evaluate your pet and as many
family members as possible. Not all pets or people will be accepted into
our programs. A level of cooperation, from all family members is a must
to achieve success. We train your pet and then we will work with you
and your family to continue your pets education. It is very important for
your family to learn how to communicate on a level to which your dog
can understand your expectations. Children are welcome during
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Thirty Days of Private Training for "Super Pooch" Our Deluxe Package
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Details for boarding with training
See photos of pets at play, training and rest.
More Boarding Info, prices etc.
Offering you the finest boarding school
available in Florida. Our boarding School
program is offered to a limited number of
applicants, ensuring your pet will receive
our undivided attention during his

Your pet will receive all the benefits of our
"Country Vacations" while he is learning
to be a Canine Good Citizen. 25 years in
Central FL proves our continued success.