Mobility Assistance Dogs
Mobility Assistance Dogs can help a person regain
independence by performing tasks, such as, opening
doors, turning lights on and off, finding misplaced
keys, retrieving dropped items etc. These dogs
increase the independence of a person who uses a
wheelchair or who has difficulty with balance and/or
ambulating. A Mobility Assistance Dog bridges the
social barrier that can make a person feel isolated or
“different”. A dog is always provides a warm way to say
“hello”. A trained Assistance Dog increases
independence by reducing reliance on other people.

Application Process
  • Contact The Canine Center, Inc. email: or call 407-506-3818
  • Fill out your online application
  • After review, you will be given a comprehensive packet to fill out and return to the training
  • Your packet will include: contract,medical history form, a letter of approval from your physician.
  • Return the packet to the center with a $45.00 nonrefundable application fee.(if accepted the
    $45.00 will be applied toward your training fee.
  • You will be contacted and an appointment for an interview will be made
  • You and your family will meet our staff. We will evaluate your dog or you can meet our dogs

Evaluating Your Dog:
Call the center for an appointment and bring your dog to the training center for a FREE evaluation.
General Qualifications: dog is friendly toward all people and other animals, dog is not afraid of loud
noises and enjoys being petted by all types of people, dog is motivated by treats and or toys.

Choosing A Dog:
If you do not have a dog of your own, a dog can be provided by the non-profit groups Pawsitive
Action Foundation, Inc. or Genesis Assistance Dogs, Inc.
Visit their web sites at

The First Three Months of Training:
All dogs are trained at the Training Center for the first 3 months. During the first 3 months your dog
will learn; scent discrimination skills and basic manners; preparing for advanced scent work and his
Canine Good Citizens Test.  The dogs will learn
how to retrieve dropped items as well as continue training during public outings, preparing for their
public access test, as recommended by Assistance Dogs International

Training Options After the First Three Months of Training:
At the end of 3 months, the owner can decide whether or not they wish to complete the dogs training

(A) leaving the dog at the Training Center for the final 3 months of the dogs training. Includes a bi-
weekly one hour lesson at the Training Center and in public locations, an on line training course, plus
3 in home training sessions at the completion of the 6 month training program. Additional training
sessions are available upon request.

(B) taking the dog home and finishing the training themselves under the direction of the Canine
Centers staff  Includes a 2 hour weekly lesson and an on line training course. Additional training
sessions are available upon request.

$45.00 non-refundable application fee (if accepted fee will be applied to training fee total)
$55.00 per day times 28 days=$1,540.00
Three months of training at the center=$4,620.00
Final three months at the training center (option A)=$4,620.00
Final three months owner training with direction (option B)=$2,310.00

A Certified Canine Center Mobility Dog must complete 6 months of training, pass their Canine Good
Citizen Test, complete their Public Access Evaluation and display a correct response to the Pet
Partners Aptitude Test. At the completion of all qualifications the graduate will be presented with a
Pawsitive Action Medical Alert Dog Vest and Certificate of Completion.

Training is not difficult but very time consuming. We only accept a few dogs at a time into our
program. At the completion of our 6 month program, your dog will be able to complete advanced
training skills in a variety of different locations and situations. Your dog will be well mannered in all
public situations and you will understand how to handle and manage your dog. You will understand
the training process for obtaining advanced mobility skills. You will be evaluated by a representative
of Pawsitive Action Foundation, Inc. After passing your CGC, your ADI access test and PPAT (pet
partners aptitude test) you and your dog will be presented with a Pawsitive Action Foundation,Inc.
medical alert vest.

Your dog will be evaluated yearly by The Canine Center staff and a representative of Pawsitive Action
Foundation, Inc. assurring your continued success.
Train the dog you have or apply
to obtain a dog from
Pawsitive Action Foundation Inc. .
The Canine Center, Inc.
407-461-6245  email: 5701 Leon Tyson Rd Saint Cloud, FL 34771  
We have been established in the Central Florida area since 1989 and have helped thousands of
families create positive, healthy relationships with their pets.
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The Canine Center provides for profit dog training services. Dogs are trained as Mobility Assistance
Dogs,Diabetic Alert Dogs or Pets with great manners. The Canine Center trains dogs for multiple
organizations and selectively donates training time and services to Pawsitive Action Foundation.
The Canine Center is the exclusive training center for
Pawsitive Action Foundation, Inc.