We can train YOUR dog to
be an assistance dog.
$1650.00 per month.
Please call for an
interview for you and your
Thirty Day Camp~ Boarding School
We offer the very best in training and care. We customize your
dog's training according to your desires and your lifestyle. This
is a great "get started" program. We start your dogs training
and then show you how to maintain and continue his education.
The Canine Center is the exclusive training center for
Pawsitive Action Foundation, Inc.
Pawsitive Action is a non profit organization, training dogs for
persons with different abilities.
If you are looking for a dog to help you please visit
Sit, Down, Stay, No jumping on people, come when called,pay attention
to what I am saying, walk nicely on a leash, go to bed etc. Schedule
your free evaluation.

Everyone's lifestyle and desires are different. We taylor your dog's
training to fit your needs. We encourage family participation. We stronly
encourage you and your family to work with our trainers as often as
possible. Private lessons and group classes are part of this program.
Assistance Dogs
The Canine Center, Inc.
407-506-3818 text friendly    

5701 Leon Tyson Rd.
Saint Cloud, FL 34771


sponsor for:
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Dog Training Classes
Small groups of 10 dogs
per class. Puppies and
Adult dogs welcome.
Classes are indoors.
Locations: TECO
technical Education
Center Osceola.
Pet classes, Therapy dog
and Owner trained
service dog classes.
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We are constantly with the dogs so
we do arrange phone appointments
to speak to a staff member. An
appointment can be made by
texting or emailing the center.

The Canine Center, Inc.  
established in 1989

Owner operated by
Norma Jean Ross
about your trainer

Educational Background:
Behavioral Psychology

35 years professional experience

Certified trainer by APDT

We have helped hundreds of
families create positive, healthy
relationships with their pets.

The Canine Center provides for
profit dog training services. Dogs
are trained as Assistance Dogs or
Pets with great manners.

The Canine Center trains dogs for
multiple non-profit organizations, at
a discounted rate and selectively
donates training time and services
to Pawsitive Action Foundation.

NO dogs are sold by The Canine
Center, Inc. Payment to the Canine
Center is for training services only.

We are constantly with the
dogs so you should arrange a
phone appointment to speak to a
staff member.
An appointment can be made by texting
(407-506-3818) or emailing :

Visitations: Appointments are
available 9:00 AM to  12:00 noon
Monday, Tuesday, Friday.
Saturday appointments from 2:00
to 4:00 pm. No appointments
available on Sunday (family day)
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Pet Boarding is BACK !!!!
We have re-opened our boarding kennel. We have moved back
home to our property at Leon Tyson Rd and will be staying
here indefinitely. Please call 407-461-6245 for your pet's